Time-Line Factory

Time-Line Factory is a company specialised in audio-visual production and post-production. We are located at the gates of Paris and our facilities include recording and video-editing studios. We offer flexible technical and creative services that will perfectly suit your needs and goals in accordance with your projects and their utilisation (TV, web, cinema…).

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Dubbing / Localisation
Subtitling & Access Services
Video Editing & Creation
Video Processing
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Fitting perfectly your needs and projects through the synergy of the wide range of audio-visual disciplines.

Our goal: to offer complete answers to audio and video requests through both production and post-production of audio-visual contents of every format: TV, web, applications, cinema, and video games.

Time-Line Factory positions itself as a player taking part in a global process which aims at promoting and finalizing a product.

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Time-Line Factory assists its clients in every stage of their projects, providing them with the best options to help them in decision making. We ensure our production process is lastingly reliable.


January 31st, 2020

Happy new year !

Let’s enjoy 2020 with a new collaboration with Supamonks Studio on SUPAWISHES.

Music and Sound Design by Time-Line Factory!

December 21st, 2015

Here we are!

Dear… You!

Welcome to our newly opened website time-line.fr! We hope that you will find here all of the information you are looking for and that you will spend some time discovering our different features!

We hope to see you online again soon!

Best regards,