Audio Post-production

Recording & Mixing

It’s an emergency!!! If you need to correct a voice, re-record a word, modify a commercial or a corporate film (music, FX, editing), Time Line Factory will make its human and technical resources available for you to make sure you will reach the result you want.

Dubbing / Localisation

Post-synchronisation, dubbing and localisation are among our core competencies. Since the creation of Time-Line Factory, we have significantly expanded our activities. They now include media such as television, video-games, VOD, and cinema, both in France and abroad.

Subtitling & Access Services

Time-Line Factory offers subtitling and audio description services so as to make information perfectly accessible to the greatest possible number of people in numerous languages. Professional subtitling is the perfect way to open up new international development prospects (corporate image, renown…).

Video Post-production

Video Editing & Creation

We design and realise promotional as well as fictional projects, we assist various productions in their final steps (logging, editing, effects making, designing, exporting).

Video Processing

Time-Line Factory also offers video services that include the conversions necessary to a programme broadcasting so as to meet required operating standards (TV, VOD, Cinema).


In accordance with your technical and artistic specifications, Time-Line Factory will take care of every step of your DVD (or Blu-ray) project, before delivering it to a pressing facility.

Content Production

Sound design & Advice

Time-Line Factory assists and advises its clients in the making of their sound design (from the marketing concept to the sound charter’s itemisation) and will take care of every aspect of their product’s soundtrack (sound effects, international version, music, moods, jingles, etc.)