Sound design & Advice

Time-Line Factory assists and advises its clients in the making of their sound design (from the marketing concept to the sound charter's itemisation) and will take care of every aspect of their product's soundtrack (sound effects, international version, music, moods, jingles, etc.)


Sound design & Advice

Time-Line Factory has a team dedicated to sound design and to sound creation (our competent staff is able to create: music, both tailored and pre-recorded sound effects, international version).

A marketing project manager will be completely dedicated to your company to ensure we will meet every of your specifications and that the message conveyed through media (sound charter, logo, transition, mood…) will be true to your brand identity.

Time-Line Factory will make sure these sound projects faithfully represent your marketing strategy which will assist your development in the coming years. Thanks to our expertise and our communication skills, we will find the best way to convey your values, your projects, your attractiveness and your desires.

– Music creation and droits d’auteur (French copyright law) management
– Sound effects recorded in the studio or from a sound bank
– Studies and consulting (benchmarking, analysis, and production proposals)
– Creation of your brand’s audio identity (from the main theme to the final touch) / mock-up included
– Conversion into a wide range of formats/media in compliance with their standards

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