Recording & Mixing

It's an emergency!!! If you need to correct a voice, re-record a word, modify a commercial or a corporate film (music, FX, editing), Time Line Factory will make its human and technical resources available for you to make sure you will reach the result you want.


Recording & Mixing

Our skills and our responsiveness allow us to provide you with a pleasant work environment in order to achieve the best possible result.

– Studio rental with or without an audio engineer
– Recording in a vocal-booth or in a classic studio room
– Post-sync & ADR
– Audio clean up, editing and mixing (even of a recording external to the studio)
– Mixing in accordance with TV broadcast or cinema standards
– Area available for any production or meeting purposes so as to work through production’s final details (before, during or after the session)
– Audio spatialization and integration into Virtual Reality programmes

Come to us with your project and leave with a corrected or finalised product.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.